Cellular Revenue is the

Property Owners Telecom Partner

We Increase NOI & Portfolio Value...

We are excited to serve you...

Cellular Revenue ONLY Represents Property Owners So Our Interests Are Always Aligned With Our Clients. Most Other Consulting Or Tower Companies Have Conflicts!

Cellular Telecom Leases Are NOT Traditional CRE Leases. That IS Why You NEED Cellular Revenue.

 We Know Where The EXTRA Revenue Is.

To Be Candid We Have Not Seen A Lease
We Could Not Get Additional Revenue From!

Let’s Get Compensation Out Of The Way.

Cellular Revenue ONLY Received A Small Earned Fee Of Any Additional Revenue We Collect For Our Clients. Our Clients Keep 100% Of The Money They Are Collecting Now. We Believe That We Should Earn Our Compensation From NEW Additional Revenue Not Take From What You Already Have.

Here’s What We Need.

  • All Active Telecom Leases and Amendments.
  • Easement Documents If The Leases Are Paying A Third Party.

That’s It!!!

The Process...

1.Cellular Revenue Does A Full And Detailed Analysis & Audit.
We Will Review The Lease Documents And Will Paint A Clear Picture Of The Lease Situation and More Importantly – Where’s The Additional Revenue!
2.Cellular Revenue Reports Back To The Property Owner Our Findings And Suggests A Course Of Action.
3.Property Owner Engages Cellular Revenue With A Simple, Short, And Straight Forward Client Service Agreement.
4.Cellular Revenue Gets Property Owner Significant Additional Revenue Year After Year!


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